Special Pequegnat clock auction on June 8, 2019

Arthur Pequegnat Regulator #1
Arthur Pequegnat Regulator #1, an example of one of the clocks offered for sale

I do not normally promote auctions sales and derive no benefit from mentioning them however something special is happening on June 8th 2019. It is not often that so many clocks from one maker are on sale at one specific time. In New hamburg, Ontario (Canada) 200 Arthur Pequegnat clocks are on the auction block. All styles of clocks are being offered, wall, hall, mantel, shelf and so on including some variants.

At least three Monctons are offered for sale

This is a unique opportunity for Canadian collectors and anyone else interested in antique clocks. Were I closer I would certainly be there to enjoy the frenzy of an auction sale. Here are the clocks being offered.