Suspicious Pequegnat clock found in antique store

I discovered this wall clock in an antique store in Victoria, British Columbia and the store shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. I have been on the lookout for a calendar clock and from a distance it looked like this was it. As I neared I realized that what I was looking at was some kind of interesting marriage.

The top dial and bezel is Pequegnat, Brandon II, the bottom is something else

In the clock world a marriage is defined as a bringing together of parts to make a complete functioning clock. It is generally accepted that if a clock has significant parts from another source, such as a movement, pendulum, weights, put into a different case it is considered a marriage. Check out this article.

Most knowledgeable Canadian clock enthusiasts instantly recognize the Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company as one of Canada’s premier clock companies. Although the company went out of business over 75 years ago the Arthur Pequegnat name is still respected as a quality clock-maker. Sadly, the company closed it doors in 1941 amid a shortage of brass due to the war effort. Canadian clock collectors seek out Pequegnat clocks and expect to pay higher prices.

The wood bezel and dial are from a Pequegnat clock. The hands and the case is probably Sessions or Waterbury. The store owner likely knows this and is waiting for some unsuspecting customer to come along and grab it. Most of his antique clocks are in the $300-$600 and this clock is around $300 if I recall.

Clock shoppers, be careful out there!

If you want it PM me and I’ll tell you where it is.