Crazy Clock Ads – anniversary clocks – you decide, sadly illiterate or cleverly deliberate

400 Dayz, Heirloom Aniversry Clocks

Yoo may chooz clock 3 for ohnly 135$ or 2 for ohnly $185 or 3 for ohnly 235$ or all for jist 350$. Theze 400-day Clocs are in ecselent condishn and reecwire NOH electrisitee and thus NOH batreez, , jist wiinding wunts each year, for constant, dependable time-keeping, noh mater how oftn thu hydro wahz off. Doo note that this kind uv cloc haz at leest a 250 yeerz, air-loom liif-span and sellz for hundredz uv dollarz noo; thu numbr-3 cloc wahz $495 noo; thu numbr-2 wahz $695 and thu fanseer, numbr-1 wahz $795, back when quarts clocs wer beeing introdoosd. I don’t recahl thee exact aje uv them but I can ashoor yoo that thay ahl hav been in mii pohzseshn for les than fiftee yearz, and nun hav any vizible signz uv wear in thair gearz, becuz uv thoze geerz mooving a fraction uv an inch ohnlee 4-timez eech minit, insted uv 60 timez az iz comon with ahl uthr kindz. Ahl-soh, ahl 3 uv theez are thu real thing, NOT thu =FAKE= kind that require batereez and ohnly APEAR too bee authentic, with an electric motor driving thu pendulum and a quartz movement that’s noh mohr reliable than any uthr batery-driven clock. Yoo’re welcum too make uh vyooiing apt. for any time uv any day, sunday throo thurzday.

The clock described in the ad are similar to these in my collection. The prices he or she is quoting are much too high.

Kundo miniature
Kundo miniature
Kern 400 day clock
Kern 400 day clock

Is the seller cleverly deliberate or sadly illiterate? You decide!



10 thoughts on “Crazy Clock Ads – anniversary clocks – you decide, sadly illiterate or cleverly deliberate

  1. The originality of this ad made me curious, so I read the whole text! I think is a smart idea of doing marketing. By the way, both clocks are so beautiful! Cătălin


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