270 Year Old Clock – A True Work of Art

In 2014 during a visit to Portugal I had a chance to visit one of the country`s premier museums in Lisbon.

They had a magnificent collection of antique clocks but this particular clock attracted my attention. This weight driven “Regulador” was made by Burgh, Bernard (II) van Risenburgh in Paris between 1745-50.  It is made of oak with exotic woods and bronze. The style is Rococo or late baroque, very ornate with elaborate though balanced and a less angular asymmetrical design.

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French Rococo style floor or tall-case clock
RS art and antiquity museums (62)
Intricate detail of the clock face

It is truly a work of art.


2 thoughts on “270 Year Old Clock – A True Work of Art

  1. Indeed, a wonderful piece! I wonder how much such a work of art costs, and if an ordinary collector can afford it in his personal collection?


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