Jaeger LeCoultre clock
Jaeger LeCoultre clock

Last week I wrote that I was in the process of deciding whether or not to purchase this Swiss made Jaeger LeCoultre musical alarm clock. I saw it in an antique store in Langford, BC (Canada) and went away thinking about it. I had several questions in my mind as I walked away.

  • The seller was asking CDN199; a fair price?
  • Is it collectible?
  • I would like to narrow the vintage, the year it was made, thoughts?

I ended up not buying this clock for three reasons

  1. 3 days later the same seller decided that he wanted CDN299 and would not negotiate a lower price.
  2. An extensive search on all auction sites plus clock related sites revealed no references to this clock although I have no doubt that it is a Jaeger LeCoultre. That leads me to believe that it is not as desirable as other LeCoultre alarm clocks.
  3. I question the ethics of an antique dealer where half or more of the items on the floor have no price tag.

How do I feel about passing up this clock? The seller did not get my money! It would have nice to have, but more opportunities to find a similar clock will come along and likely from an ethical seller.