Postscript to my article on a stubborn little Blackforest clock

Time-only German "plate clock" movement
Time-only German “plate clock” movement


Blackforest time-only shelf clock
Blackforest time-only shelf clock

In my article I said

I have been testing the movement with mixed results. I installed one bushing on T3 after which the movement ran better. It is in beat and will run but not for as long as I would like. Why can’t this little guy run a full eight days? The best it can do is 4-5 days. Perhaps a mainspring issue; too weak to give me a full eight day cycle? A pity because I truly wanted to have this thing running strong and reliably. Being a glutton for punishment I have another plate clock coming in the mail. I am not absolutely sure if it has the same movement but I am willing to bet that it does since it is another Forestville (same company), this time a true delft clock.

The clock is midway through it’s second 8-day cycle and sounds very strong. Why this little clock suddenly decided to behave itself is beyond me. Perhaps cursing at it helped. It is such a simple little shelf clock and it looks great.

Just needed some exercise after not having run in many years. So, a happy ending to this clock story.