Taking a little time off

RS Peggy doing some research (2)
Researching clocks at the Canadian Clock Museum in Deep River, Ontario, Canada.

Taking a little time off seems like an amusing title for a clock blog. It just struck me (there I go again).

In the next few weeks you will see fewer posts as I am spending some quality time with friends and family at our summer get-away in central Canada. While in that area I intend to make my third visit to the Canadian Clock Museum in Deep River, Ontario. It is always exciting to see the newly added pieces to the museum collection and to chat with it’s knowledgeable curator.

Regular readers have no doubt observed that my usual practice in the past year is to post at least one article per week in an effort to keep readers interested and of course help me, the writer, offer the kind of content that appeals to a broad spectrum of clock enthusiasts. I typically profile my own clock collection and the trials and tribulations of maintaining and repairing my clocks plus some articles of interest based on observations in my travels and general interest clock subjects as I navigate through the fascinating world of horology.

From time to time (pun unintended) you will also find special interest articles that I write to give a broader perspective of the world of horology and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy the research side of the equation. Even though I will be away I will try to maintain a presence on my blog by posting every two weeks or so which means you can still come back regularly. I also invite you to browse through my archive, there’s bound to something that will interest you if you are clock lover like myself.

In the weeks to come I am planning articles on Bracket clocks, how to oil and maintain your clock between servicings, a historical piece on a most interesting 17th century French cabinet maker and his contribution to horology and thoughts on the pros and cons of converting a clock from a mechanical movement to quartz.

Converted from a mechanical clock
Converted from a mechanical clock

If you have a comment on any of my posts please feel free to leave one though it may take some additional time for me to respond, so, a little patience would be appreciated.

In September I will resume my weekly posting schedule. As they say in the show business world – stay tuned!

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