Update on Smiths Enfield clock

Servicing this Smiths Enfield clock went without a hitch, well almost.

All parts underwent Ultrasonic cleaning, the pivot holes were pegged and oiled and once re-assembled the clock was oiled, then bench-tested out of it’s case to check for beat and proper strike.

On Sept 30th – back in the case without destroying 2 U-shaped retaining clips. Took it back out as the strike train was not engaging. Oiled one component on the strike train and put back in the case. Tested the strike. Seems to be okay but the minute hand was not preset so it strikes 10 minutes before the hour. Some re-adjusting

Back in it’s case

is required. However the clock is running well so far. Although not in bad shape, there are two pivot holes that are suspect. In two years time I will take a look and see if there is any further wear.