Periodicals from 15-20 years ago donated by a blog fan – what to do with them

A blog fan contacted me recently and asked me if I wanted literally hundreds of old clock periodicals and bulletins. I thought about it and knew that some of the periodicals would have some value to me as a clock repairer and restorer. And I was not wrong!

The story is that the donor did not collect the magazine, periodicals, journals, etc. They were given to him by a 92-year gentleman who was in assisted living and could not keep materials he had collected over a number of years. He had also given clock and watch repair equipment in addition to the reading material. Apparently, the old man had no one to give it to as his family had no interest in the material, passed it on to my blog fan and rather than throw it out asked me if I could have the reading material. So, I drove to his place and literally carried several boxes to my car.

What to do. I cannot keep all of it. The plan is to methodically go through each issue, page by page marking articles of interest and putting them aside to keep. And I kept about 15%.

In addition to Clocks Magazine, hundreds of copies of British Horological Institute publications as well as dozens of NAWCC monthly bulletins. The BHI publications focus heavily on watches and have numerous technical articles that are well beyond my pay grade, neither of which interest me.

Clocks magazine from the 2000s, Post-it notes indicate an article or articles of interest

In the meantime, I am searching for how-to articles and ones of historical interest that I will put aside for future reference.

NAWCC Bulletins

I might keep a few of the NAWCC bulletins for handy reference though I have full access to all the bulletins through my NAWCC membership.

A small portion

I appreciate the gift but sadly, I will have to dispose of the majority of the stuff.

In all, I will keep some of it and the rest will either be recycled or donated. If anyone is interested please let me know.


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