Ansonia Canada 30-hour kitchen clock – almost as good as new

This attractive little clock was bought at auction earlier this spring.

The walnut case is actually in good shape and the tablet looks not only original but is in decent condition as well. I expected a well-cared-for movement but to my surprise, it was in deplorable condition, a prime example of a clock that saw little servicing and was destined to fail.

Thanks to reader JC who identified the clock as the “Canada” found in Ansonia’s 1886 catalogue.

Auction photo

After installing 7 bushings and two pivots it now running as it should.

The case

It is missing a few top pieces but surprisingly the pieces came with the clock. They are in front of the Sessions gingerbread clock in the photo below. The glue let go and of course, it is a matter of gluing them back in place.

I blame it on rough handling on the part of the auction house otherwise why would the parts come with it.

Sessions and Ansonia clocks were bought as a lot.
The case after a coating of shellac

Once the parts were re-glued it was an opportunity to clean the case and apply one coat of traditional shellac.

The dial looks too new, though it looks great and was no doubt replaced at some point in the clock’s life. The spade hands look correct for the clock.

The case was surprisingly well preserved but it is unfortunate that the movement was in such poor condition but now has a new lease on life.

Here is the final result. The movement and alarm mechanism have been reinstalled back into its case. After several days it is running well and keeping good time.

A handsome clock that is even better after a refresh and minor repairs.

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