Tempus Fugit Time Company announces expanded capacity

I am very excited and I hope you are as well to learn that the Tempus Fugit Time Company is pleased to announce the opening of its latest factory in Gackle, North Dakota.

The factory in Shanghai China was unable to meet the increased demand for clocks which inevitably meant expansion into North America.

The decision to switch from quartz clocks back to mechanical clocks was a difficult one for the Tempus Fugit Time Company but necessary in view of the pent-up demand for clocks with gears, springs, levers, and other noises.

Tempus Fugit Clock Co.
Timeville, Ontario factory and company headquarters

The new and yet-to-be-released Tempest line of clocks will represent the highest quality of clocks made by Tempus Fugit and they will be crafted by noted case designers Woody Bezel and Ben Doolum.

Unfortunately, the Fugit Battery Factory, a major supplier of quartz batteries is a victim of the expansion and will be shut down permanently, however, there will be no reduction in staffing as a result.

Daniel Dakota wall clock, one of Tempus Fugits more popular models
Tempus Fugit Clock Company grandmother wall clock

The factory and company headquarters in Timeville, Ontario will continue in operation producing the Grandnephew Clock (shown above) so popular among young people. Although the Timeville factory is managed by founders Seth Wheeler and Thomas Dealer they will shift their efforts to the expansion into North Dakota.

“It is time for a change and not a minute too soon”, said Mr. Wheeler. “Although it is April Fools Day we believe expansion into North America is the right decision for our company as we move into the 22nd century”, added Mr. Dealer.

2 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit Time Company announces expanded capacity

  1. Love it Ron, I read your blog ‘regular as clockwork’. I’ve been collecting clocks for a few years now but I’ve not got the time yet to work on movements. When I retire in a couple of years I hope to begin in earnest. I’ve just bought my first Chauncey Jerome clock but have yet to pick it up from the auction house. The picture on the lower glass is of the, now long gone, Sailors Home in Liverpool UK – my city of birth. I now live in Sydney Australia. I’m hoping my research will clarify if this was made for the UK market or the picture was a later addition after the clock was exported. Your thoughts?

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    1. By the way here is a very interesting site on Jerome clocks. 150 years ago American clockmakers knew the value of exporting clocks overseas for profit. In the wood movement days, clocks did not sell well overseas because of warpage but when Jerome mass-marketed the brass movement the world opened up for him. Without absolute certainty, there is a very good chance the tablet is original. Love to see a photo of it once it is in your hands.

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