Pequegnat clock purchase may not happen and that’s too bad

I am writing this post during what we all hope are the final stages of the pandemic. As of this writing there are many rules in place because of the large number of active cases. One rule is that we are not permitted to leave our municipal areas (May 2021).

As a clock collector it makes it very difficult to acquire clocks especially if the clock that one wishes to purchase is outside ones permissible locale.

For example, I was looking at an Arthur Pequegnat “maple leaf” kitchen clock that was offered for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Bathurst is about 4 hours drive from my home and in another province which simply means that I cannot pick it up from the prospective seller nor can the seller deliver it to me at this particular time.

I communicated with the seller and I agreed that the price was reasonable. She indicated to me that if she cannot sell it locally she will put it aside for me and when she travels to Nova Scotia, we can connect.

As a Pequegnat collector this clock would be a nice addition to the three other kitchen clocks in my collection.

In early May I floated the idea that it could be shipped to me and I would pay the costs. She replied that she had “googled” it and found the process too complicated and risky. I did not argue with her.

As we are driving through New Brunswick in late June I suggested we could meet at a neutral location near where she lives.

June contact

I contacted the seller this week Late (June) and suggested a rendezvous to make the deal. “I have to speak to my husband” said the seller.

In a modern relationship where each has equal decision-making power, clearing a purchase with the husband is, well, very archaic.

Three other Pequegnat kitchen clocks in my collection are the Canuck and two in the Maple Leaf series, the “pointed top” and the “fan top”

Arthur Pequegnat Canuck kitchen clock
Arthur Pequegnat Canuck kitchen clock
Arthur Pequegnat kichen clock
Arthur Pequegnat fan top kitchen clock
Arthur Pequegnat Maple Leaf Pointed Top
Arthur Pequegnat Maple Leaf Pointed Top

I suggested that we meet along the Trans Canada Highway (TCH) in New Brunswick and the seller replied that she was close to the highway. Well, she thought the TCH ran through Bathurst which is 2 1/2 hours away from the TCH. So, that will not happen. Too bad!

I like the clock and it would be a very nice addition to my collection but I will look elsewhere.