Translate my blog – the widget returns

Kienzle World Time clock
Kienzle World Time clock

This blog is intended for those who have an interest in horology and more specifically, antique and vintage mechanical clocks, both collecting and repair.

For some reason the translate widget was dropped when I migrated to a new template this past year, so here it is again. It is the very first widget on the right of the page.

My blog reaches over 100 countries in the world. In many of those countries English is not the main language.

In an effort to continue to reach a wider audience I have re-installed the widget that will permit you, the reader, to read my blog articles in the language of your choice.

En un esfuerzo por llegar a un público más amplio, instalé un nuevo widget que le permitirá a usted, el lector, leer los artículos de mi blog en el idioma que elija
Afin de toucher un public plus large, j’ai installé un nouveau widget qui vous permettra, en tant que lecteur, de lire les articles de mon blog dans la langue de votre choix
Um ein breiteres Publikum zu erreichen, habe ich ein neues Widget installiert, mit dem Sie als Leser meine Blog-Artikel in der Sprache Ihrer Wahl lesen können

Click “Translate My Blog” on the upper right side of each page.

8 thoughts on “Translate my blog – the widget returns

  1. Hi i just tried your new translet that you writh it would but the only ting that apears is advertis
    In the upper right side their is no buton


    1. Thanks for the feedback. Are you using a browser other than Chrome? It is a Google app so it might only work with Chrome.

      UPDATE:Also seems to work OK with Firefox. I’ll see how it goes for the next few days and I will drop it if it causes issues.


  2. Hi, Ron! It’s a world in motion, and it’s good to adapt to current conditions. I have reached the same conclusion as you, facility of translating the content of blog articles resulting loyalty or bringing new readers. By the way, I tested your facility on the Opera browser and I want you to know that it works, including on the mobile version. 😉 Warm regards, Catalin


  3. Hi, gave it a try in German – the translation is rather rough. Grammar doesn’t seem to be a strong side of the Google translator. I think I better stick to English.


    1. H Thanks. Hopefully the widget will get “smarter”. It may handle some languages better than others. The inclusion of photos helps and I will try to include more in the future.


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