What and the shipping is how much?

Look at the shipping cost
Look at the shipping cost

Okay, there are 9 hours left on the bid for this Vienna striking clock and it is at 104GPB (178CDN) so it could go a lot higher. But 257CDN for shipping!!! Factor in the exorbitant shipping cost and import duties (~40CDN) you are now looking at close to 300CDN + the clock. I suppose as a seller you gotta make your money somehow!

6 thoughts on “What and the shipping is how much?

  1. Actually, Ron, most sellers on eBay are now prohibited from price gouging on shipping. The shipping is usually calculated based on the size and weight of the item. That said, it does seem a bit too high. UK (Europe in general) to Canada generally has the highest shipping rates compared to the rest of the globe. I also wouldn’t trust something like a Vienna to arrive in one piece.


    1. I bought just one clock, a Vienna Regulator on EBay which was advertised as a project clock. Although I ordered one piece it arrived in many pieces. It must have been kicked across the mail-room floor. Efforts to get my money back were fruitless. As I recall I paid about $150 in shipping.


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