Maritimes clock club – Interested?

A clock club for the Maritimes – why not!

Trade mart at the NAWCC convention

After having attended a NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) May 2019 chapter meeting in Ottawa and the 2019 NAWCC National Convention in June of this year I began to wonder why there is no NAWCC representation in the Maritime provinces of Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) or even an informal clock and watch club.

The closest NAWCC chapter is Montreal, Canada and there are at least 3 active chapters in Ontario alone. There has never been an active NAWCC chapter in the maritime provinces.

I believe there are a fair number of clock enthusiasts (horologists) in my region who would love to meet in order to share experiences and expertise.

This blog reaches clock lovers all over the world and I encourage any of you who have an interest in mechanical clocks to seek out those with similar interests in your local community but if you are living in the Maritime provinces of Canada; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, contact me directly at if you are interested in getting together to talk about clocks and watches, share experiences, share repair techniques or boast about your collection.

If the numbers grow and there is sufficient interest we can form a club, and later on we might even be able to explore charter membership with NAWCC.

Join the movement!

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  1. I’m Francis and live on the Eastern Shore. Very interested in clocks and watches. Would enjoy meeting with some like minded people in the Halifax area.


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