Let’s end Daylight Savings Time

When Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins, we lose an hour. When it ends, we gain an hour. There are several reasons why some people advocate for ending daylight saving time (DST):

Disruption of sleep patterns:

Changing the clocks forward or backward by an hour can disrupt people’s sleep patterns, leading to fatigue and other health problems.

Safety concerns:

Studies have shown that there is an increase in traffic accidents and workplace injuries in the days following the time change. This is because people are more tired and less alert than usual.

Economic costs:

There are costs associated with changing clocks in devices and systems, such as transportation schedules and software. Additionally, there may be decreased productivity due to the disruption of sleep patterns.

Limited energy savings:

While DST was originally implemented as a way to save energy, studies have shown that the energy savings are minimal and may not be worth the disruption to people’s lives.

International coordination:

Not all countries observe DST, and those that do often have different start and end dates. This can cause confusion and difficulties in coordinating international travel, commerce, and communication.

Overall, ending DST could provide benefits for public health, safety, and economic efficiency.

In Canada?

Some provinces in Canada have been waiting to ditch the seasonal change but have cited a consistency with the US as a reason for the delay. The time change consistency is vital so as to align trading between the two countries. US bills have repeatedly failed to pass but once all the US states enact their own changes the federal go-ahead is the next step.

Yukon and most of Saskatchewan keep their clocks the same year-round. Yukon made the switch for the last time in March 2020, and standard time is now permanent.

DST is a relic of our past. Let’s just put it out of its misery.


2 thoughts on “Let’s end Daylight Savings Time

    1. I think it is coming soon. As soon as the final decisions are made in the States, Washington State for example, I think we are good to go.


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