First blog post – 6 years ago

Clock collecting from a beginner’s perspective. That was the subject of my first blog post six years ago. Since then I have seen a lot of excellent and not-so-good blogs come and go but I wanted to give it my best shot and after 6 years, well, I am still here.

I started with a free WordPress plan, moved to a personal plan and then, this year, to a Premium plan. I now permit advertising on my site but my only goal is to recoup costs for server space and domain name. Anything extra is gravy.

In the early days I would stop blogging in the summer and resume in the fall. That did not work so well as my viewership fell off and I had to rebuild after the holidays. Now I schedule all my articles in advance. In fact, I typically have about 15-18 articles “in the can” at any given time. Having an inventory of articles means there is no need to scramble with something new every 3-4 days, my typical interval between articles. Some of you bloggers must know how hard it is to put words together when inspiration is lacking.

I am not sure what I was expecting 6 years ago but now have a dedicated following, receive many interesting letters each week, have met people through my blog and it seems people appreciate my content. This is reflected in statistics which are the lifeblood of any blog and it’s those daily figures that keep a blogger motivated. For instance, I have more views in a typical day than I had in the first 3 months of my blog.

Not once do I claim to be a professional horologist but after 10+ years in clock repair as a hobbyist I think I know something by now.

Welcome to my first blog post written May 15, 2015 which I will present word for word.

wall clock
OK, so it’s a Chinese clock but it works

I regard myself as a clock collector and tinkerer. I am not a trained horologist nor do I have a unique talent for clock repair or even getting a simple clock back to working order, but I find the world of horology to be quite fascinating.

It is a relatively new hobby for me which began with the purchase of a Daniel Dakota time and strike wall clock. Why start with a Chinese-made clock which most would consider inferior to almost any other clock in the world. It was cheap, it piqued my interest in collecting and repair and it was something to practice on. I then moved on to a Ridgeway grandfather clock and to my current collection of Mauthe, Seth Thomas, Hermle, Forestville, Sessions, Smiths Enfield, Muller and Pequegnat clocks.

Arthur Pequegnat kitchen clock, known as the “Fan-top”

My blog will profile clocks in my collection both vintage and antique as well as describe my attempts at repair. Along the way I will seek advice from you, the reader, from clock forum sites and whatever information I can find online.

Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock

Clock collecting is a great conversation starter and it allows me to combine my other passions, photography and traveling (and now, writing). Locating good clocks means traveling around the province of Nova Scotia and Canada, meeting interesting people along the way and is some cases getting that one-of-a-kind deal.

Most photos on this site are my own. Photos from other sources will be given full credit. I will try to capture the beauty of these old mechanical wonders and anything about their provenance will included as well.

Forestville Westminster chime
Forestville Westminster chime mantel clock

Stay tuned. It is all a learning experience and as I bravely go further into the hobby I hope to share my frustrations and my successes.

As Winston Churchill once said, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”.

I have stayed true to form since then and continue to publish 7 to 9 articles per month. Since then I have acquired dozens of antique and vintage clocks from all over Canada and probably have upwards of 80 clocks in my collection at this point. I have also said goodbye to an additional 20 clocks through local sales and as gifts. It remains a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy although occasionally I have done some paid and pro bono work.

If you have stayed with me since the beginning, thank you, but if you are new to my blog or following for the first time, welcome!

Anyway as I said 6 years ago, “Stay tuned”.

11 thoughts on “First blog post – 6 years ago

  1. I am extremely impressed together with your writing talents as neatly as with the layout
    in your weblog. Is this a paid topic or did you customize it yourself?
    Anyway stay up the nice high quality writing,
    it is uncommon to look a nice weblog like this one today..


    1. Thanks for coming to my blog. I don’t get any money for my blog. I write because I am fascinated with clock collecting and repair and I also get to meet a lot of very interesting people through the blog.


      1. Really lovely and interesting blog. Would love to hear your comments on ansonia, Hermle and Seth Thomas clocks. I know they are 2 american and one German but do give your inputs as well as your opinion on which is the best and most reliable of the 3


        1. I have an article coming up on a Seth Thomas. Have you read articles on my Ansonias? Use the search box to find them. My only Hermle is a movement in my grandfather clock but I am sure more will come along. The three are close in reliability and none can be considered the best. There are higher end clocks in all three companies and those would be the most reliable and also the most desirable.


  2. I’m greatly impressed with your enthusiasm about antique clocks. I’m not a clock collector but I’ve a Smiths Enfield in an Aurea table clock box my father liked very much, and that’s the reason I still keep it. However it had an accident and despite I got to hold it before it entirely fell down when I was moving it place to place, its box got prejudiced and I’m now starting to repair it. I guess machine had no prejudices. It has an Westminster chime my father appreciated as from far the room he was he would know what time it was. Hope I have the same enthusiasm as yours for repairing it,at least!…


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