Antique clock shopping experience

Although I did not buy any clocks during my trip to the west here are examples of what you might find in some of the better quality antique shops. The three shops these clocks are from are located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Let the photos speak for themselves. captions identify some of the clocks.

Trio of clocks, the middle one is a Grand Assortment by Sessions

Arthur Pequegnat Brandon II wall clock, missing its pendulum
Tall-case clock quite possibly British
Smiths Marine Astral clock in custom case
Trio of skeleton clocks, could be original or reproductions
Unknown English fusee mantel clock
French figural mantel clock
French time and strike figural mantel with Joan of Arc
Crystal regulator, Ansonia Viscount
Arthur Pequegnat Berlyn mantel clock
English or German bracket clock

I typically take photos of clocks in antique stores and if asked I always say that a friend is interested in this exact clock or I simply ask if they would mind if I take a photo. Most shops are okay with it.

Prices are generally steep (to cover overhead, margins, space rental etc.) but do not reflect the current softening of the clock market. Negotiating directly with the sellers would yield a better price.

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