Clocks running in my office – a short video

I have an upstairs office in my home where I work on most of my clocks. I also have a small workshop in my basement where I work on clock cases; gluing, painting, reconstruction and other odd jobs.

In the spring of this year (2019) my wife asked me how many clocks are running in my office at any given time. I said, “I’m not sure”.

I put together a video to show how busy my office can be. Someone (not my wife) asked me if the sounds of ticking clocks bothered me and my reply was, “I find the sounds very soothing”. Allow me to take you on a tour.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Let me know if you have any general comments or ones you would like more information about.

4 thoughts on “Clocks running in my office – a short video

  1. I figured out why i have many clocks on my walls. One per wall stud. I cannot tolerate a sterile environment.I like motion of the pendulum moving back and forth and the sound of the clock’s is a pleasant background to life’s “Noise”.


  2. Hi mr. Ron i thank that your post are very useful for a lot of peple and interesting for other one
    I repair clock for jewelry and i have a lot of clock that i by for repair other’s and some of your post help me so continu you’r good job thanks to you

    Bruno Lacoste horloger


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